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Yarra Creek


Friday - Another bright day – no good for my photos! I took the opportunity to photograph some of my souvenirs that I wouldn't be taking home, like the cow skull and wallaby skeleton!

After a lazy morning and crayfish roll for brunch, it wasn’t until 1pm that we left the Love Shack. Our goal was the Yarra Creek gorge, with a visit first to where the creek ends at City of Melbourne Bay.

We thought we might be able to access the gorge from the road that crosses it, so we parked and trod carefully through, very watchful for snakes! It was beautifully cool, but the creek was flowing very slowly, and the surrounds were pretty dry. In one way, this was a very good thing – less chance of ticks and leeches! There was lots of beautiful green moss, and some different bright green lichen for me.

Onwards to Naracoopa, Matt’s first visit here. The rocks are the most amazing colours – blue/green/purple/yellow – just stunning, especially when wet. We ended the afternoon with a drink at the golf club.

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