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Arrival on King Island


What an incredibly surreal day! 3am was wake-up, for a 5am flight to Melbourne, which was very wintery! Transition to REX airlines for the flight to King Island was smooth, with myself and the attendant both ignoring the fact that my bag weighed 17.5kg instead of 15kg. (I am always pleasantly surprised that I have actually managed to book flights and everything on the correct days and times….) A few hours sprawled on a giant pouffe with a sandwich, and increasing layers of clothing, and it was time to board the small airplane, after being bussed out to it. It really wasn’t too bad, except for that moment when we were landing and we kind of went sideways for a bit and I shrieked audibly……

I was met by Dianne and Emma, handed the keys to my RAV4 (which I stalled 4 times before leaving the car park – it’s quite different to the kombi!) and drove in convoy to my gorgeous wee house – it reminds me of a New Zealand Beach Bach!! It’s on the grounds of the Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church.

After ditching the gumboots I had to wear down as they were the heaviest, I was then off to the King Island Cultural Centre for lunch with a few fabulous locals, admiring some beautiful work in their newly renovated space as well.

It was such a warm welcome, and so much fun – I perked right up from my ragged state and enjoyed a few good laughs. On the way home I stopped into the IGA to get some supplies, finding the prices pretty high – not surprising or unexpected, considering the location!

Back to base to unpack, and I thought I’d have a quick shower before heading out for a walk – I’m so glad I did, as that was when I discovered that the hot water was turned off! I turned it on and headed out for the walk whilst it warmed up, heading down to the Currie Harbour, visiting the 12 pioneer graves on the hill, and trawling through the beach wash-up.

Many locals waved at me, some already familiar, one new one stopping to introduce herself as she had missed the lunch catch up! I visited Foodworks on the way back and picked up some wallaby shanks for another meal!

Home for a hot shower and a cold beer, veggie soup on the stove, and an early night – it’s after 7 and still light down here for at least another hour!

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