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Day 1 on the Island


Although tired out and in bed by 8pm, the ferocious winds last night kept me from falling asleep, and made for a very weird and restless night! I went to the bakery for coffee, and met Fay there – I asked, “I guess this is normal?”. She said yes. I saw my first kelp trailer parked in Main Street, with kelp hanging out of it! Chirpier after coffee, I had a drive down to the harbour before heading home, saw another trailer loading kelp, and thought the day was starting to look do-able. All rugged up, I went back to Currie Harbour – very grateful for the jacket which my mother bought my father in New Zealand many years ago. I also had his tripod, enabling me to take this selfie. I am amazed at the amount of Portugese Man-o-Wars washed up everywhere.

Round the other side of the harbour is the lighthouse and The Boathouse, the legendary restaurant with no food.

Decked out in fabulous eclectic style, it reflects the warm community spirit of the island - I absolutely loved my peek at it today!

There’s a rusty old winch there, with bright green lichen on, and these little weirdos which remind me of sundews in their formation – I need to go to the library and identify these.

I continued to drive along the coast road next to the golf course, then I rounded a corner to see the racks of drying kelp – KELP ME!! My jaw just dropped open as I saw this spectacle. The hanging ones looked a bit skinnier than the fresh ones being unloaded here!

I called in briefly to the cemetery - just a quick look around.

I headed home to recharge the camera battery and myself, and visit the legendary op-shop where I picked up some boots and a dress, and a coffee plunger that Fay had dropped off for me – bless!! I had brunch and prepared my wallaby shank casserole, then headed out for a drive. I went to British Admiral Beach, where I picked up my first souvenir kelp straps (now hanging on the clothesline!)

From here I thought I’d drive across the island to Naracoopa, but got hijacked by signs to the Calcified Forest, so followed those, ending up towards the bottom of the island at Seal Rocks! I saw quite a bit of wildlife on the way – lots of dead roos, some crazy-huge turkey-looking things, a live echidna, and some live roos – I didn’t tell them what was on the menu tonight…..

Heels blistering despite three pairs of socks in the gumboots (which I discovered this morning have a hole in them), I ripped them off, stopped off at Seal Rock lookout and ran out in my socks, before driving home, keeping a sharp eye on the road for the ribcage and spine I saw earlier, which I found and threw into the box of kelp. I’ve got time to do something with that…

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