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Robe de Mémoire  

Transforming your special gown into contemporary wall art


​is a project by StudioSvenja, showcase of award-winning Australian textile artist Svenja.  Ignited by her close friend's request to suggest a repurposing of her wedding outfit in time for a wedding anniversary, Robe de Mémoire came into existence as Svenja transitioned her work from Wearable Art to contemporary textile wall art - with the request providing a perfect vehicle to begin the process. 

In creating a wall work out of a treasured garment, Svenja is able to provide a contemporary, relevant, and everyday way to enjoy your special memory, and share it with others. The garment can be fully reconfigured, or represented in a more recognisable form – it’s up to you. You can be involved in the creative process, or leave it entirely up to Svenja to transform.

Svenja will engage in an open conversation with you regarding your desired outcome, and is receptive to your suggestions regarding direction – she wants to make a work that will honour your treasured memory, and give it renewed purpose and meaning. Whether it’s your own wedding dress, or a special gown of any sort from a family member, Svenja can transform it into a contemporary wall panel to tell a story across generations.

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