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King Island Courier - Algalrythms opening at King Island Cultural Centre 15/10/2021.

TEXTILE Fibre Forum Issue 133, 2019. Front cover and 6-page feature article

The Adelaide Review, September 25, 2018 by DR Moira G Simpson

KI article.jpg

Fiber Art Now Volume 8 Issue 2 Winter 2018/2019. 'Freyja' featured in the Excellence in Fibers IV Print Exhibition - a juried exhibition.

Down Under Textiles 2018 #33

Textile Fibre Forum 2017 #128

Textile Fibre Forum 2018 #129

2017: OzArts 'The Wonders of Wearable Art', Janet de Boer

Fiber Arts Now - Freyja.jpg
Textile Front Cover Anthozoa.jpg

2017: FELT Magazine Issue 17 Profile - Svenja

2015: Craft and Quilt Fair Guest Artist

ABC Radio Interview Perth Craft and Quilt Fair -

2015: Fassifern Guardian "The Embodiment of an Ideal', Wendy Chrighton

2015: The Dominion Post - Chloe Winter, Megan Gattey

2014: South East Advertiser 'Svenja's Life of Design' 

2016: TEXTILE Fibre Forum Issue 121, Evalina Kaganovitch

2015: U on Sunday magazine, Cat Lindsay.

U on Sunday.jpg

2014: TEXTILE Fibre Forum Issue, Jacqueline Edwardson

2014: FX Magazine 

2013: Brisbane News Snapshot, Jane Scott

2012: The Mail-Times, Caroline Tang

2012 The Dominion Post Magazine, Bill O'Byrne

2011 South East Advertiser

Siren Splash.jpg

2011: TEXTILE Fibre Forum Vol 30, Issue 2 'Morphology II'

2011: Bundaberg Newspaper 'Summer fun at art gallery, Lea Emery

2009: Courier Mail 'Fruits of the Forest' Ronnie Girdham

2009: The Sunday Mail, Laura Stead

2009: Queensland Homes

2009: TEXTILE Fibre Forum Issue 3 No. 95 'Svenja - Textile Artist Fantastique', Jacqueline Edwardson

Northern Times 2009 by Bernie Dowling

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