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Australian Textile Art Award 2024 Winner

The Australian Textile Art Award is a biennial juried non-acquisitive award of $2000 which contemporary textile artists, working in any style of media, from across Australia are invited to enter. Aftermath, a hanging trio of work featuring a multitude of materials and techniques has been awarded the prize for 2024. Aftermath references the fallen birds on King Island – their battered remains disintegrating into the ground, with sometimes only a few recognisable fragments remaining. Dishevelled, outstretched wings fluttering slightly memorialise their final flight. Other remnants of life join them as they return to the earth. See it at the exhibition below!


DISTORTION is the act of twisting or altering something out of its true, natural, or original state
MORPH - to undergo transformation from an image of one object into that of another

DistoMorph is an exploration and celebration of colour and texture, line and shape, movement and growth, as witnessed in nature. I take my photographic images and refine them to a single area of interest, often also zooming in to macro level. Colour saturation / distortion / amplification takes the design inspirations to another plane, a parallel world, seen as though looking through a kaleidoscope or affected by LSD. Many of the original inspiration elements are tiny, but have become greatly enlarged, adding to the strangeness.
By examining and amplifying the aspects of nature I find rich, intriguing, and beautiful, my aim is to create unique, vital new forms expressing my reverence for the beauty found in nature and my resonance with it.

Warwick Regional Art Gallery QLD 21/11/2024 to 9/1/2025

Gympie QLD 3/4/2025 to 10/5/2025 
Miles QLD  31/05/2025 to 19/07/2025

Gatakers Artspace QLD 27/2/2026 to 12/4/2026 


Algalrhythms finished its five gallery tour at the beginning of 2024, and the remaining works can still be purchased - visit the full catalogue in links below.  
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