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For the last decade, my practice has consisted largely of making work for the International design competition and performance known as the World of WearableArt (WOW) in New Zealand, with 6 awards received from 13 entries accepted over 11 years. Other exhibitions and events include Wearable Art Mandurah, Western Australia, paperonskin, Tasmania, Wearable Expressions, California and the inaugural Naracoorte Art Prize, South Australia. 

As the daughter of a botanist, I have long had a strong connection with, and appreciation of the natural environment, and am passionate about sharing the way I see it and how it makes me feel. It has always been the stimulus for my work – in 2009 and 2011 I exhibited “Morphology I and II - exploring the fascinating surfaces and forms of fungus and lichen through contemporary textile practices”, featuring felting, dyeing, shibori and free-motion embroidery. 

Almost every year I participate in textile related workshops to continue to grow and extend my skills, alongside the many self-taught/researched methods I discover throughout the year. In 2017 I graduated from TAFE with my Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology. As well as studying traditional textile techniques, I embrace modern developments, such as UV reactive sewing thread and the 3D printing pen. I am a regular contributor to the well-respected Australian publication TEXTILE Fibre Forum, writing about my work for my pages Situation Svenja, as well as other articles. 

My textile-based art practice is in the process of transitioning from wearable art to wall and sculptural works. My five-week residency on King Island (December 2019) was a pivotal experience for this, providing me with the time and stimulation to shift my focus from sculptural works based on the human body, to those that stand alone and fit comfortably in a gallery environment. My strong alliance to biological themes continues to drive my work. 

Formal Education


2014-2017       Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology, TAFE Brisbane

2016                TAE Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Inspire Education

2012                Advanced Pattern Making MSIT, non-assessable 20 weeks, Chris Twine

2010                Garment Construction MSIT Carol Costa

2008                Certificate II in Millinery MSIT Robyn Smallhorn

2003                Certificate III in Business Administration Employment North

2000-2002       BA Art History - partial completion University of Queensland GPA 5.667

1999                Certificate III in Arts, Drawing Gateway Institute of TAFE

1997                Selected modules from Certificate II in Fashion Studies MSIT

1994-1996       BA Drama, Stage Management Queensland University of Technology GPA 5.55


Workshop Participation


2023                So many hats, only one head – 5 days, Tutor: Dawn Edwards
2023                Metal Cloth to the Max – 5 days, Tutor: Alysn Midegelow-Marsden

2022                Fabulous Fibre Reactives – 5 days, Tutor: Julie Ryder

2019                Sculptural Techniques with Needled Wool – 5 days, Tutor: Kristy Kun

2017                An introduction to coloured anodised aluminium and titanium jewellery  5 days, Tutor:                                    Meghan O'Rourke

2016                Wild Fibre for Felted Fashion - 2 days, Tutor: Pam Hovel

2015                Introduction to Tambour Beading - 2 days, Tutor: Karen Torrisi

2015                Eco-dyeing - 2 days, Tutor: Anne Leon

2014                3D Marvels - 5 days, Tutor: Tatiana Sheverda

2013                Freedom Construction – 2 days, Tutor: Pam de Groot

2013                Sculptural felting; experiment and discovery – 5 days, Tutor: Marjolein Dallinga

2012                Beyond the Surface Fabric Manipulation  - 2 days, Tutor: Vilte Kazlauskaite

2012                Designer Felted Jackets - 4 days, Tutor: Phylis Hoffman

2011                A Personal Approach to Felt Making, Hand Stitching and Colour – Design Focus Programme                          - 5 days, Tutor: Helen O’Hare

2010                PMC jewellery - 2 days, Tutor: Melanie Dilday

2010                Framing the Fabric – 2 days, Tutor: Helen McRitchie

2008                Shibori and Indigo dyeing - 1 day, Tutor: Margaret Barnett

2007                Nuno Felt Wrap – 1 day, Tutor: Wendy Bailye

2006                Paint, Create, Stitch – Free Hand Embroidery – 10 days, Tutor: Carol Wilkes

2006                Breaking the Constraints with Corsetry – 2 days, Tutor: Kirry Toose

2004                Free Machine Embroidery – 5 days, Tutor: Carol Wilkes

2002                Freehand Machine Embroidery – 10 days, Tutor: Ken Smith

2002                Felting for Beginners – 1 day Tutor: Phillipa Rooke

World of WearableArt®Entries


2019                Odette & Odile Mythology Section Finalist

2018                Coccinelle Under the Microscope Section Finalist, Third Place 

2017                Freyja American Express Open Section Finalist

2017               Cordycephila Weta Workshop Costume & Film Section : Theme Science Fiction Finalist,                                  Second Place   

2016               Trophy Bizarre Bra Section Finalist Retained for display.

2015               Return to Earth 4545 Weta Workshop Costume & Film Section : Theme Other Worlds                                        Finalist. Retained for display.

2014                Fènghuáng Weta Workshop Costume & Film Section : Theme Kingdoms of the East                                        Finalist.  Winner of International Award Australia/ South Pacific - purchased for                                                World of WearableArts Museum Collection.

2014                Isolda Avant Garde Section Finalist

2013                Hakaturi Air New Zealand South Pacific Section Second Place and Winner                                                      of International Award Australia/ South Pacific - purchased for World of                                                            WearableArt Museum Collection.

2012                Euphony Iridaceae Creative Excellence  Section Finalist :Theme Visual Symphony.                                          Retained for 12 months, displayed April 2012 at Intercontinental Hotel, Wellington NZ and                              during 2012 show season.

2011                Fimbria Figura Creative Excellence Theme Under the Microscop Section Finalist. Retained                            for 12 months, displayed April 2012 at Intercontinental Hotel, Wellington NZ and                                            during 2012 show season.

2010                BioLumina Geni Creative Excellence Section :Theme Art of Light Finalist. International                                   Runner Up, Purchased by Montana World of WearableArt Awards Trust for Collection    

2008                Beyond Chrysalis Avant Garde Section Finalist




2023                Wearable Art: Concept Development Workshop, Pinnacles Art Gallery, Townsville

2016                Precious Fragment Capelet 1 day workshop for 'Wild Women' group

2015                Wearable Art presentation on behalf of Common Threads

2014                Precious Fragment Wrap 2 day workshop Hervey Bay - Spinners and Weavers

2013                Felting and Dyeing 2 day workshop dyeing, Buderim Craft Cottage


2023                Algalrhythms solo exhibition, Dogwood Crossing Gallery November 18 – January 27, 2024
2023                Wearable Art Creatives guest artist, Townsville. Four Wearable Art works in performance at                            POSE festival, and in exhibition at Pinnacles Art Gallery, September 1- October 22
2023                Warwick Wearable Art Awards guest exhibiting artist and judge, July 20-21
2023                Artist Residency, Police Point, Mornington Peninsula, 2 weeks
2023                Algalrhythms solo exhibition, Lockyer Valley Regional Art Gallery February 10 – March 26
2022                Paracosm – a detailed imaginary world Exhibition, TAFE QLD (Mt Gravatt Campus) Aug 19 –                        Sept 9
2022                Inaugural Artist in Residence, TAFE QLD Design Atelier
2022                Algalrhythms solo exhibition, Gympie Regional Art Gallery March 17 – April 14
2022                Algalrhythms solo exhibition, Warwick Regional Art Gallery January 6 – February 12
2021                Algalrhythms solo exhibition, King Island Cultural Centre October 15 – November 15
2020                Cosmic Leafy Sea Dragon, ‘paperonskin’, Burnie, Tasmania

2019                Artist Residency, King Island Cultural Centre, 5 weeks

2019                Dame Detritus, Wearable Art Mandurah (WAM)

2019                Layers in Time,  Naracoorte Art Prize Finalist

2018/2019       Fiber Art Now Volume 8 Issue 2 Winter 2018/2019. Freyja featured in the Excellence in                                    Fibers IV Print Exhibition - a juried exhibition.

2018                Short-listed for Overall Winner, BCC Artforce Awards - Traffic Signal Box painting

2018                Beyond Chrysalis - Emergence, World of WearableArt® - unselected

2018                Trumptopussy, World of WearableArt® - unselected

2018                Lichen Morphology – Winner First Prize, ‘paper on skin’, Burnie, Tasmania.

2017                Anthozoa - Winner First Time Entrant, Wearable Art Mandurah (WAM)

2017                Kelp (moulded leather neckpiece) Wearable Expressions, juried wearable art exhibition,                                Palos Verdes Art Centre, California.

2016                Guest Judge at Scattered Arts 'Transformation' exhibition

2016                TAFE Study tour, Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo, Japan

2016                Guest Judge at Common Threads Wearable Art Showcase, Mandurah, WA

2015                Guest Judge at Calico on the Catwalk, Boonah

2014                Guest Artist at the Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair, Expertise Events - Perth, Launceston,                                        Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra,  Adelaide

2014                TAFE Study Tour, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

2012                BioLumina Featured in Air New Zealand tourism campaign including billboards and                                        merchandise, and 1 of 100 World of WearableArt® Collection garments performing at the                                40th Hong Kong Arts Festival

2012                Mirror Mirror ATASDA Exhibition Fragment The Palm House, Sydney Botanic Gardens

2012                Mirror Mirror Finalist in the 2012 Art U Wear The Fairest of Them All

2011                Morphology II Exhibition with Carol Wilkes Gallery 159

2011                Siren of the Sea Finalist and  People’s Choice Award in the 2011 Art U Wear Circus                                        Berserkus competition, Expertise Events/ Bernina Australia

2009                Beyond Chrysalis Acquisitive Award, Fashion Fantasia, Tasmania

2009               ‘To wear or not to wear’ exhibition – featured artist Scattered Arts

2009                Morphology exhibition with Carol Wilkes Gallery 159

2009                Forest Floor - Displayed at Art to Wear, Perth Craft Show

2009                ATASDA Touring exhibition Exotica

2009                Art to Wear Sydney Quilt & Craft Show

2008                Fantasy Dreaming – TAFE staff & student exhibition, Gallery 159

2008                ATASDA Exhibition Out of the Blue The Palm House, Sydney Botanic Gardens

2007                Forest Floor, Fashion Fantasia, Tasmania ‘Gondwana’ Section Winner &‘First Time Entrant’                              Award

2007                Catwalk Botanique - showcase of wearable art Mt Coot-Tha Gardens

2007                Flutterby - Boonah Shire 2007 SPAR Arts Festival Calico on the Catwalk wearable art                                      competition ‘Fantasy Category’ – 1st Prize

2007                ATASDA  Exhibition From the Earth The Palm House, Sydney Botanic Gardens





2020-               TEXTILE Fibre Forum Magazine Regular contributor

2019                TEXTILE Fibre Forum Magazine, Issue 133 - Front Cover and 6 page feature article

2018                4 page Artist Profile Down Under Textiles Issue 33

2018                World of WearableArt 2017 coverage TEXTILE Fibre Forum Magazine Issue 129

2017                TEXTILE Fibre Forum Magazine, Issue 128 - Front Cover

2017                OzArts Issue 10 article ‘The Wonders of Wearable Art’, Janet de Boer

2017                3 page Artist Profile Felt Magazine Issue 17

2016                World of WearableArt 2015 coverage TEXTILE Fibre Forum Magazine, Issue 121

2015                U on Sunday feature article, by Cat Lindsay

2014                June Issue TEXTILE Fibre Forum Magazine Issue 114

2013                WearableArt 300 pages. Publisher: Craig Potton Publishing

2013                World of WearableArt 2012 coverage TEXTILE Fibre Forum Magazine Issue 1, No 109

2012                Dominion Post Magazine article Bill O’Byrne ‘From little mushrooms do beautiful garments                            bloom’

2011                4-page Artist profile Embellish magazine

2011                Off the Wall - The World of WearableArt  184 pages. Publisher: Craig Potton Publishing; 3rd                          Revised edition

2010                ‘Judged as Outstanding in Fibre Design for Australia and New Zealand in 2010 by a panel of                        four judges brought together by Dragon Design and TAFTA (The Australian Forum for                                     Textile Arts Ltd). The judges were Valerie Kirk, Annie Trevillian and Tony Dyer from                                           Australia and Christine Keller from New Zealand."

2009               1000 Artisan Textiles by Sandra Salamony & Gina M. Brown, Quayside Publishing 4 pieces                           selected

2009               2 page Artist Profile TEXTILE Fibre Forum Magazine Issue 3, No 95, 2009

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