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Two weeks on King Island

Thursday 12.12.2019

Thursday had a slow start, with a few hours spent at the bakery before heading up to join the ladies at Phoenix House to help sew Boomerang Bags. ‘Boomerang Bags is about making bags, diverting waste, starting conversations, connecting with each other, fostering sustainable behaviour, and having fun!’ Well, we certainly had a few hours of that, and we hit the goal of 200 bags, with mine being the last of the session at 214.

After a pub lunch, I went down to the Cultural Centre to meet the local King Island Tourism representative for a bit of a chat for their newsletter. Then it was over to June’s for a beer with her and Rachel, who had brought me some of her divine pickled octopus, duck, and a crayfish!!! After dropping June at the Golf Club for dinner, I had a late night, ending up with papering the walls of the Love Shack with sketchbook pages, ready for…something…..

Friday 13

On Friday I woke too early, but what can you do? As usual, I spent the morning at the

bakery, sharing the corner table with others at times, working on my notes, and nomming on a wallaby pie for brunch. At 1 pm I was at the Cultural Centre to give a wee presentation to the Arts Advisory Committee meeting on my time on the Island so far as artist in residence. My photos were well received, as was my enthusiasm and long-term plans for my project.

The weather was not much chop, so I bunked in, after giving my leg yet another bash – this time on the car door.

Saturday 14

I had a lovely sleep in until 8:30, with some exciting ideas floating around in my brain as I emerged from the ether. I had a bit of a tidy up, and put my roadkill bones in for a soak, where they looked quite lovely. Mid-morning was another trip to the Cultural Centre for the arrival of Paul Fletcher, now Minister of the mega-agency “called the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications,” incorporating the Department of Communications and the Arts. I received a message from Fay that she was able to set me up a meeting with the KI Kelp King, Christian Fletcher, who might be able to give me some tips on where to access kelp beds to photograph. (Turns out he was there the day I fell on the rocks - I met him shortly afterwards and valiantly hid my agony!)

I wanted to go out straight away, but the rain kept lightly misting down. Low tide wasn’t until 8pm, and it cleared up a bit around 6, so I went out then, just locally. I had a great time, got lots of good shots, even though it's just on the phone - lots of aged and rotting kelp.

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