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Unlucky Bay, or maybe not...


Again I woke at dawn, but was uninterested in taking up this unsolicited offer, so turned the heater on and went back to bed until 8. After coffee and a wallaby steak sandwich, I was ready to face the world, head to the bakery, and buy my new camera for Matt to bring down in a week or so! I received a few complimentary comments from older ladies about my hair, as I downloaded tide timetables for the month, and posted another blog. Once back home and bereft of the opportunity to take more photos, I actually started looking at the images I had already taken, playing with some of them in photoshop, and doing a brain dump of words, ideas, and techniques on the butchers paper I have stuck on the wall. The sensory overload of the last week is starting to marinate and bubble into life…..

Around 4pm at low tide, I headed up north towards what I thought was Unlucky Bay, but I think I was actually a bit further north of that - it’s hard to tell. I only had to go through one gate, and when I did, there were wallabys bounding everywhere! The coastline was rocky and desolate, and for the first time here I felt a little uneasy making my way through the coastal scrub. On the road back, I stopped for a few photos, and was thrilled to find a clean wallaby skull at one stop, and many vertebrae and a jaw at the gate stop.

Driving back to Currie, I diverted to Shag Lagoon, where I used the thoughtfully provided binoculars to look at the birdlife. Back in Currie I continued through town back to the coastal road Burgess Bay Track in front of the golf course, re-locating the rusting dozer for future visits. It turns out that the phone photos aren’t actually too bad, so the situation is not as critical as it first seemed.

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