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The lowest of low tides


We woke to a foggy morning, and I was keen to get out before it brightened up too much. After a stop at the bakery, we drove down to the cove just before British Admiral Beach, but the sun was already making its presence felt – as were the Horse Flies – ouch!

More blobbing at home, but it was such a beautiful day I thought we should be out in it somehow – without any sun exposure, of course! The Boathouse was the only option, and with the umbrella up on an outside table was perfection – so much so that we had to torture a few family members by face-timeing them – King Island to Kingaroy!

The View restaurant at the golf club beckoned for lunch, after which we were joined by June, and watched the golfers finish at the 18th hole, her husband included. I still don’t get golf. It’s like a larger, more difficult, less fun version of pool……but wine made it mildly entertaining!

Very low tide was at 7pm, and I was keen to take the new camera out to my favourite spot. It was pretty exciting, and I did some pretty full-on rock moves out there, chasing down the exposed kelp. I also stopped in at Currie Harbour, and got some interesting wave marks in the sand. I was wet and exhausted when I came home, but it was worth it!

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