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Still & Sunny in Currie!


Sunday I woke at dawn to sun and stillness – amazing! No time to waste – drink that coffee and get out there! I drove down to Currie Harbour to see it bright blue for the first time, then along the track to the first rocky outcrop which took my fancy. One had a heap of rusted old dozer chains and tracks – just gorgeous, with kelp draped amongst it.

Unfortunately it was so bright it was difficult to photograph well, but that’s the joy of being here for a long time – I have opportunities to return to my discoveries. Not long after this I stepped on an unstable rock, and slowly but surely fell down onto the razor-sharp rock, landing on my shin. OWWWWWW! But the camera is ok!! It really, really, really hurt. Breath-sucky-inny hurt. No blood though, so a good sign. I forced myself to get up and go on – it would be better with some movement. I continued to slip and slide my way around, and got my sneaker entirely drenched at one stage – I swear this ocean knows when I’m trying to take a photo and decides, “Right – let’s woosh in now”!! By the time I made it

around to the next bay, I needed to see why it hurt so much, so pulled my leggings down to see a significant and bloody graze. Not long after that, I ended up rolling them up so I could dip my leg in the sea, to disinfect and soothe it. Rock hopping was now out, with wet sneakers and socks and down to the bare feet, so I drove down to the beach at British Admiral Bay, and waded around the giant mounds of dumped kelp. Halfway along, the beach turned into ‘river rocks’, and where they met a rocky outcrop, they made a lovely tinkling sound as the waves washed in and out. The dunes were quite spectacular too –

again, a little Star Wars-y. By now I was dizzy & de-hydrated, so headed home, and made myself a wallaby steak sandwich for brunch – delicious! After re-charging devices, and doing a wash, I drove down to the harbour and enjoyed the sun and watching the fishermen. I hope the weather is this fabulous again some days this week!

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