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New Year on King Island


Tuesday - awake at 5am after a bit of a rubbish sleep, I opt for more sleep! I wake up fully rested and full of ideas – some I managed to retain from drifting off last night, others I lose. Perhaps I can trick myself later on by pretending to go to sleep with a notebook beside me to get those ideas! I headed out for the shore – I was amazed to find the gully that is normally full of kelp completely bare. Further along at the cove before British (Halfmoon Bay) there are great mounds of kelp, and it doesn’t take long for me to get my legs immersed, once again freeing me to concentrate on the images.

It’s hard to shade the shots in this bright light – anyone watching would be amazed to see the weird positions I get myself into just to take what should be a simple shot. But if I stand here, squat down a bit, stick my bum out that side, lift my jacket out to the other….. voila – shade!

I managed to take a few through the rolls of kelp, for a different perspective (involving different bodily contortions)! There were some beautiful shades of greens, and this almost antler-like piece emerging from the sand.

We met the IamKI gang at the pub for lunch and laughs, then walk home to sleep it off, having accepted June’s invitation to have a drink for New Year later in the evening. I headed out again at around 6:30, once again stalking the kelpers haul. One was still unloading, so I went down to the shore again and got a few shots, including one of a fish fin that I shot a few days ago, but now with a bit of age and the soft light looked even better.

We trotted over to another delicious dinner with the Kempsters, and saw in the early version of New Year! Having missed our traditional Christmas Kiss photo, we got June to take a New Year one!

Wednesday 1st January 2020!

Miraculously, the bakery was open, so it was a good start to the year with coffee!! Just after 10 I realised that it had clouded over a bit and was low tide, so went out to play! Just back to the now-usual haunts – but there’s always something different. Matt asked me the other day “What are you looking for”, to which I had no answer. Sometime later, I realised that the answer was “I’m not looking for anything – I’m just looking”. And for this, I am so often rewarded with an unexpected, beautiful find. Like some pink, mouldy seaweed, or rusty metal surface.

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