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Leaving King Island

Thursday 2.1.2020

We drove over to Blowhole Beach to check out the groovy rocks and Sea Elephant Estuary – quite different weather to my visit in my first week on the island.

We were back on the West Coast in time to visit the King Island Cheese Factory tasting room before our final lunch at the pub with the IamKI gang, where I was able to see the beginnings of the No Drama Llama project (I have demanded one in pink)!! I enjoyed some delicious balls of fried camembert – so naughty! So delicious. I also received beautiful gifts - June created this special purple ear warmer with pink button just for me, and Janet gifted me some of her handcrafted earrings and stunning linoprint of Naracoopa Jetty. Straight to the pool room! Everyone has been so welcoming and generous since the start - including me in their Christmas lunch and Secret Santa, gifting crayfish and amazing pickled octopus (Rachael) and providing me with information and connections (Aunty Fay)! Emma welcomed Matt and I to her home on Christmas Day, and we shared great times with June and Peter Kempster.

We ended our final evening with the Kempsters at the Golf Club, with a magical moment being captured by local photographer Lisa Wood.

On Friday morning I went down for a final visit to the shore - it seemed so unreal to be leaving. I think time may have stopped on King Island.

Goodbye, wild shores of King Island.

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