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Disappointing and Unlucky - not really!


On Monday we were up early and into the bakery at 8, where Matt and Fay got to share stories and knowledge. I picked up my new SD card for the camera - the first photo I took was of them engrossed in conversation! Around 10 I took Matt down to British, where I was surprised to see the kelp no longer built up in a mound, but possibly entirely covered by sand? There was lots of pink seaweed. On the outcrop, I found a dried out leafy seadragon behind Matt, and the beach further north had received a huge dump of kelp.

Back to the bakery for a wallaby pie for Matt and a beef and cheese for me for breakfast, then on the road up to Disappointment Bay, missing Unlucky bay once again. Unlucky. We stopped at the derelict KI Dairy, rolling under the electric fence to explore. Lots of yellow lichen, and a nest of bees in the old pump crank case.

Disappointment Bay was far from disappointing, and was quite beautiful. Onwards to Cape Wickham for a beer at the Golf Club with fantastic views, and I tried to get down to the shore, but the bloody golf course got in the way!

Back on the road and out to Wickham, still around 2 hours before low tide, but really, not going to get much chance to get to those kelp beds! Grrrr! We aimed for Yellow Rock Rd to the beach to see the remains of the Shannon wreck, but ended up at Quarantine Bay with a looong walk to the wreck and back. I enjoy playing with my new camera, loving the flippy screen, and desperately waded out to a kelp-bed in the low tide in an attempt to photograph through the bending stipes. We eventually stumbled back to the car, exhausted, limpy, and windburnt, drive home to well deserved scotch and cheese, with wallaby stew for dinner.

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