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Christmas Lunch Shenanigans


Tuesday morning was spent in the King Island Bakery, chatting to Fay and searching on-line for a new camera to purchase – terribly frustrating and confusing when you really don’t know much about it! Then it was time for the Christmas Lunch of the Independent Artists and Makers of King Island at the pub – what a hoot!

It was great to be invited, and I was even included in their secret Santa, where I received these lovely bright red balls of wool. Another highlight was the music – ukuleles and kazoos – Christmas carols never sounded so good! We were having so much fun, several of us stayed on. When I finally made it home, I was just removing my boots when there was a whoohoo at the door – my neighbour June – did I want to go for a drive – absolutely! She delivered a thermos out to her husband who was working on the golf course, and gave me a tour of town, then we ended up sitting down at the Currie Harbour for a while chatting, then back home to her porch. I returned home at 8 still in daylight – it’s still very weird. I had a great day and really enjoyed spending time with these crazies, even though their language of crochet and knitting looms completely bamboozles me!

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