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Cataraqui and Netherby Bay


Sunday was the POKI (Produce of King Island) market, starting at 12 in the town hall. It seemed like half the island was there – it was the most people I've seen since I’ve been here! From here it was on to Grassy Boat Club, where Janet and Lyn were doing some sketching and painting, amongst some very brave youths wandering around in wetsuits! The weather was very windy but clear, so I felt I should get out and explore, and walked around the port to the beach and towards Sandblow Point, but the slanty beach with squishy sand and manic wind told me to try and get there with the car instead. Well, I think I failed at that – if only there were at least signs saying ‘Kelp Track’, so you knew it was ok and not someone’s driveway – that would be helpful! So I missed that one, and went down Red Hut Road instead – a bit of a crazy drive to nowhere – nice beach, but not exciting for me. Back I went, and followed signs towards Surprise Bay – not where I wanted to go, but in the right direction, I thought. It was, and I successfully made it to the site of the Cataraqui wreck, after navigating my way through two gates and a herd of malevolent-looking cows. They are big animals and they freak me out a little bit.... I investigated the shore in very light rain – almost a mist - the rocks were like razors stacked up against each other – what a terrible place to wreck. Amazing geology, and colours. I headed home on South Rd, and recognised the spot where my keys went for a swim……

Monday - 2 full weeks here!! Another late start, and low tide was just before 10, so I got straight out and drove to British Admiral Beach to walk back along the shore towards Currie. The day was actually warm, with no wind – for the first time ever! I didn’t really want to take the oilskin but thought I should for safety for the phone. I had a great time clambering over the orange rocks and blue stones, and just kept going. I found some kelp ‘antlers’, a crayfish head - badly damaged, a walking stick, and some sea urchins. By now I was dehydrated, and knew I had been in the sun for too long. I also knew it was going to be a long way back, and decided to go on the road rather than the rocks.. At least the weather was pleasant for walking, for the first time! There was a stench of death frequently wafting up from the side of the road from the wallabies, and I noticed quite a few blue-tongue-like lizards, or rather, their remains. I couldn’t pass a complete spine, (nice and clean) so popped it in my treasure bag. I was so pleased to see the car and drink waaaaaater!!!

It was about 1 by now, and I was pretty hungry, and needed to get the sheets on the line, so went home and cooked a wallaby sandwich for lunch. Delish. The day was so pleasant, I couldn’t stay home, so spent a few hours down at The Boathouse admiring the still, blue harbour. I took my sketchbook in case I felt like sketching – nope! I think it’s because I don’t want to draw ‘pictures’, I want to play straight with prints, fabric, plastic, silk paper and explore the imagery through that process. I’m sure people are wondering what I’m really doing here!

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