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Cape Wickham and Martha Lavinia

Tuesday 17.12.2019

Last night I was in bed by 9pm, battling against the light to get to sleep – when I did, I stayed there until 8am – I regret nothing!! I dropped in to Reekara to see Sandy’s Kelp Art before heading up to Cape Wickham – the top of the island! I diverted down Springs Road to Wickham at the top of Yellow Rocks Beach – this will be an excellent place to revisit at low tide for the possibility of photographing kelp beds.

I drove to the lighthouse then popped into the golf club for some lunch – no, I didn’t feel like buying a $25 burger, so had a sandwich instead. It was a magnificent view and the weather was so good I sat outside, pondering the weirdness of the game that is golf. Honestly, I don’t know how they see where the ball has gone after they hit it?!

I drove down Rocky Point Road, which was supposed to take me to Disappointment Bay, but when there are gates, and signs saying Private Property, and you look like you are really driving to someone’s house this time, and Google Maps isn’t working, it just doesn’t seem right, so I turned back. SIGNS, people!! I will have another go at this one, as it appears to be kosher! Instead, I followed the road to Martha Lavinia Lake and Beach, and Penny’s Lagoon. Feeling a bit worn out now, I turned for home, but feeling duty bound to do the most on a good weather day, headed once more down Manuka Road to explore.

Last time I was here I went left, so this time I went right, and found enough crayfish pieces to collect and make my own frankencrayfish as a project tonight! I dropped into the pub, and some of the girls were still there from the IamKI Independent Artists and Makers of King Island) group, so caught up with them for a bit. Back at the Love Shack, it was too hot with too many flies to enjoy, so I headed down to the Boathouse with the laptop and a couple of beers. June joined me after a while with some more beer as requested (!), cheese and dips (awesome woman!) and we spotted Janet and Peter across the harbour in their magical van – on our way home we harassed them for a bit.

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