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Avoiding the bright fireball in the sky


Sunday - Wow, what a day of doing nothing at all! It was a super-bright day, so I didn’t leave the house. I spent the day watching art technique videos, and getting distracted on youtube! By the time the sun went down at 9pm I was well and truly over waiting for shade! I realised that the only way to outwit the giant burning light was to get up before it, so set the alarm for 5:20am when we got up at 2am for our first look at the KI starry night sky - beautiful.

I was sorely tempted to roll over when the alarm rang, but knowing I’m leaving on Friday makes doing everything a must! After a quick stop at the bakery where Trevor the baker made me a fine coffee, I drove to British Admiral Beach. It certainly looked very pretty in the soft morning light, but with the tide up, there wasn’t a huge amount for me to photograph.

I stopped several times further up along the coastline, and explored several rock areas I hadn’t been on before. I stopped for supplies on the way home so I could cook Matt breakfast before he went off to tour the new KI water plant, wind farm and mine-site, whilst I did the domestics of the Love Shack.

After a massive post-lunch (cheese and broccoli pie) nap, the weather had cooled and become overcast, so I lured Matt out with me to have a beer at British whilst I scoured the rocks, then the beach. Probably not even 10 minutes in, my sneakers and leggings were well under the water - actually a bonus as I no longer had to care!

On the way home we stopped at the rusted dozer tracks – there really had been quite a good kelp wash up today, and I couldn’t help but keep exploring – Matt kept moving the car to keep up with me! It’s been a great day for dead birds (for me, not for them).

When I finally took pity on Matt and said we could go home, I made him drive past Kelp Industries, as a kelper had been hanging his haul when we went past. He was just pulling away, and I was able to snap the low-hanging kelp, giving me some interesting top views, as well as sneakily wandering into the hanging kelp forests – magical.

Sorry - I know the photos in this blog crop too much and won't open up large, but at least they give you some kind of visual of what's happening here!

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