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Studio Day

16th June

I didn’t leave the cottage all day, instead staying in the studio to work both on drawing, and on finishing my articles for TEXTILE Fibre Forum. I also managed a nap, as I still felt tired, no doubt from yesterday’s exertions, as well as possibly still some post-surgery recovery. Naps are just not the same though with my beautiful nap buddy Sascha the cat. This cottage could do with one of those.

It’s truly wonderful to just be able to sit here and draw. Sure, I still have tasks and commitments, but they are certainly minimal. I feel no pressure to be anywhere or do anything. There are no other projects begging my attention. I started off in my sketchbook, but soon felt the need for the freedom of working large. To overcome the fact that I can’t tack paper to the walls, I simply covered the table in paper. I often do this at home, and like a blotter, it becomes a place to doodle and write notes. It’s as if it negates the preciousness of a sketchbook, allowing more freedom – almost like graffiti - and it certainly helped the lines flow and grow today.

Although I haven’t felt particularly overwhelmed with inspiration in any particular way, it certainly grew today as I let the linework cover the paper freely. And when I say freely, I mean I’m not copying from my photos, I’m simply glancing at them to get a feel of the lines, and very loosely interpreting them. It’s been an enjoyable day, and I feel as though I am getting somewhere – no set destination, of course – I am happy to travel to wherever this takes me. But work is certainly developing in some new directions.

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