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Quarantine Station beach

22nd June

Early this morning I drove down to the Quarantine Station to access the beach to do a bit more scavenging for my mould-making. It was cold and very overcast.

Some of my photos are probably a bit darker than reality, but I am saving all my editing until I am home and working with my big screen. There was a lot of weathered wood, and a lot of mineral sand making beautiful patterns.

There was a delicate sea sponge, one lone mushroom on the dune, lichen, moss and more wood as I returned home via the track.

I made another two moulds – unfortunately my last one split as I lifted it, possibly I had rushed it. It has some lovely detail in it.

With tomorrow my last day, I have started to tidy a little, and start to take stock of all I have done here. Going back to some of the drawings I have done on the large paper last week, I wondered what on earth inspired some of them, so had to review my photos to find out. Doing some more, I feel like I am just starting to find some connections.

I don’t really like sharing sketches and doodles as it’s all so early and just play, but here’s a little bit of the studio action this afternoon.

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