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Preparing for Police Point

I've been quietly preparing for my Residency at Police Point on the Mornington Peninsular all week in between resting up after my recent surgery and subsequent emergency admittance. Not an ideal set of circumstances, but at least I had been plodding away at all this for some time, and wasn't starting right at the beginning.

Today I received these photos and some information about the Gatekeeper's Cottage that I'll be staying in very soon - I leave in one week! Just getting this blog ready was another task - although I had recently upgraded my website from the free version, I had already run out of room and had to buy more storage space. Sigh. Then I had to figure out how to separate my King Island blog from this one - not the kind of thing you want to be wasting your time doing when you're already in the thick of the residency experience.

I've sorted out all my gear for the workshop with Alysn Midegelow-Marsden in Ballarat, and I've booked my three nights in Melbourne for the time between the residency and the workshop. Matt has been busy getting the ute ready to drive me down in, which he will leave with me whilst he flies back. I feel very prepared in many ways, and am excited to begin the adventure. Sadly, I received word yesterday from The Australia Council that my Professional Development grant for all of these activities was not accepted, but that's not totally unexpected. I'm just going to keep plugging away at that, though. See you from the road!

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