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Portsea Surf Beach and Pier

17th June

After another glorious sunrise, I had pondered heading further back down the peninsula to check out Fossil Bay and Mount Martha Beach, but thought they could possibly wait for a nicer day – it’s pretty cold and windy. So I simply visited the Portsea Surf Beach on one side, and the Portsea Pier on the other. I used my monopod for the first time (exactly as it sounds, it is a stick to hold my camera up on) as I sat on the cold beach and took photos of the waves, trying to capture the patterns of the foam as the waves rose up.

At the pier, waves were crashing right on the shore, and to the right, sandbags were piled up high on the beach in front of the main building area – it looks as though Portsea might be trying to return to the sea! To the left, the path is walled, and I followed it around the corner and saw the funny little huts they have down here. I couldn’t help thinking as I made my way back to the car that no wonder Victorians like Queensland so much…..

I thought the glass in the bus stop shelter was great – exactly what I’ve been trying to capture today!

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