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Casting Day

19th June

I posted the blog early yesterday, so missed my little afternoon excursion. I had to drive my rubbish up to the bins, so thought I would drive further down back to Gunner’s cottage and revisit the foreshore there. Turned out half of Melbourne was there – the carpark was full! When I reached the beach it looked so different to the other day as the tide was in. I spied a whole cuttlefish and thought I could beat the wave and step down off the sand cliff to grab it. Of course, the cliff collapsed, my boot got wet, and I ended up covered in sand. I trekked further along the shore for a bit, and grabbed a few treasures before returning. Back at the remains of the jetty I wanted to take some pictures of the beautifully aged and sculpted wood, and in trying to do so ended up tripping on a rock and landing on it. A good giggle for anyone watching me. The path I took back led past the cemetery, where I took this photo of the elegant lady, as well as this luxuriant moss. These metal sculptures are all over the park, including this policeman near my cottage.

I couldn’t resist a few more photos of the shed lichen as I returned to the cottage.

After training at Rye I set off for Cheltenham to pick up some oil-based plasticine – it’s not as easy as you’d think to find – most products are air dry, and I need this to stay pliable, for making multiple moulds with. On the return journey I stopped in at some op shops at Rosebud for some equipment, and found a lidded bucket and stirring spoon for my plaster for $3. Also quite a few other items, like the lovely apron you see me wearing, and these awesome shooz! Then more down the road at Rye…

The next hour was a flurry of trying to soften the plasticine enough to roll it (a Youtube video told me the oven, but it really started to melt) finding a surface to do it on (I lifted the nice cardboard cover on the studio table) pressing in the objects, and mixing up the plaster. Well, I could have done with even more plasticine, I should have shaken more sand off my plant matter, and I think the plaster might be a bit wet. Whilst I’m waiting for it to dry, I’ve sorted out a few other ones I want to do with the seaweed (much cleaner – should have done these first). Hoping hoping hoping this works out…… I think I might have made it too thin. I’ll wait till the morning.

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