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Arrival at Police Point

To see videos of the three-day journey some 1800km's from Brisbane past Melbourne, visit my Instagram @studiosvenja.

Monday 12th

Three days on the road in a ute travelling the approximately 1800 kilometres from Brisbane to Melbourne wasn’t as awful as I expected. Mind you, I had the luxury of being driven, so napped an awful lot. This will not be the case for the return journey. Our first stopover was at Coonabarrabran, which was a small town right on the highway. It was a quiet night and a cold start the next morning.

The second night was Albury, a much larger place, and we enjoyed some food and drinks at The Brewhouse before returning to our digs at the Regent Motel – very nice indeed. In the morning we walked around the Albury Botanic Gardens, which had an absolutely magical childrens garden area.

With no internet the entire journey without logging on to wifi, we finally were live again just as we hit the Melbourne freeways, and were able to be guided through without incident. The final stretch from Melbourne to Portsea seemed interminably long. When we reached the Police Point Shire Park it was a little confusing how to find the cottage, but we kept venturing further through the gates past other cottages until I recognised it.

It's lovely, surrounded by lavender bushes, and really quite large. It’s also great to have a separate studio area. After quickly unpacking the ute, we headed back into Sorrento to pick up a few items for me and wait for Matt to get picked up. The Continental Hotel was lovely, but it was over $20 for two pots of beer! Fortunately, the essential shops don’t seem too crazy at all. With him gone, I headed back to settle in properly, after a very quick visit to the cliff lookout, and made myself very much at home. I even found the perfect spot for the disco ball.

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