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Undulation II

Year:      2011

Event:   Morphology II Exhibition Gallery 159



The exhibition was inspired by the intricate forms of lichen and fungus – this piece in particular was based on the richly crusted lichen on a park bench in the Botanic Gardens of Hamilton, New Zealand.

Materials & Techniques:              


Dyed, printed, discharged and foiled cotton, dyed and printed silk organza, heat distorted polyester organza, lace, cord, wire, plastic tubing, free motion embroidery, screen printing.


More Information:   

Undulation II had a working title of Crustalence – this indicated my desire to build up a crusty, crunchy amount of fabric to emulate the rich texture of the lichen I had photographed. The building of layers became on the surface of the fabric as I printed, over-printed and discharged with the screen-print design I had created based on lichen, which was used for screen-printing and devoré printing on silk scarves also in the exhibition.

Bonus Information: 

Undulation has enjoyed two photo shoots, and has been worn to the races in Brisbane. The bodice was created using plastic tubing instead of boning as an experiment, and features a side opening – this was to maximise the use of the back for decorative rather than functional effect.

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