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Year:      2018

Event: World of WearableArt Bizarre Bra Section - unselected



Originally just a quirky idea for a bra based on a beautiful octopus, the surrounding political climate offered an alternative story. The 2016 Trump campaign became notorious for the phrase ‘grab ‘em by the pussy’, and searching the phrase ‘‘hands like an octopus’ online now leads straight to articles on Donald Trump. His presidency has sparked an incredible protest movement, with women finally taking a stand against sexual misconduct. I have always thought of the Bond film Octopussy in connection to the animal (the character actually is actually a powerful, impressive woman). Trumptopussy of course, had to be orange. Trumptopussy can be worn, or can sit alone as a sculptural work.

Materials & Techniques:              


Satin, stuffing, acrylic paint, merino felt, crystals, sequins


More Information:

Trump’s presidency, along with the reign and subsequent downfall of Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood, sparked an incredible protest movement, with women finally speaking out against sexual misconduct by powerful men, often in the public eye. "This was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behaviour, and actually bragging about kissing and groping women ... And to make matters worse, it now seems very clear that this isn't an isolated incident." (Michelle Obama, 2016) Yet despite this, “A growing list of powerful men have faced serious consequences for sexual misconduct allegations but the most powerful one of all has faced none. “ (Lucia Graves and Sam Morris, 2017). Like the octopus, Trump has demonstrated the ability to manoeuvre his way out of seemingly impossible situations.

Bonus Information: 

Modelled spectacularly by another fashion student friend for the photoshoot, Trumptopussy never got his moment on the stage as he was unselected for WOW’s Bizarre Bra section. It was disappointing, as I thought he met the brief well and was very sculptural, not to mention topical. It’s the only time my art has been politically based. Since the photo shoot, he has hung over the window in our dining room, menacing the table below.

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