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The Blueberry

Year:      2014

Cloudlines was a design project during my studies in 2014, which drew inspiration from Georgia O’Keefe’s sensuous paintings, the sculptural fashion designs of Yiqing Yin, the sculptural abilities of felt, and flowers, and clouds. Strong lines, harmonious colouring, and circular-based shapes emerged from these influences.

The garment had to be made from 70-80% calico, a size 10, with a storyboard of six designs to be presented to a panel of teachers. Patterns and toiles, and a comprehensive sample book were also required. I settled on two designs – the bulbous ‘Blueberry’, and a more streamlined shift with a key-hole back.

Silk organza was used for the ruffles and stuffed balls, and were painted with silver acrylic paint after dyeing.

I remember many teachers being involved with the Blueberry and its many complexities. I learned a great deal, and have kept all of my patterns and notes, which is how I was able to re-use and adapt it so many times. The Blueberry lives on in Freyja, Coccinelle, Odalisque, Beyond Chrysalis – Emergence, and Dame Detritus, and meant I created garments with an excellent fit and a professional finish.

Materials & Techniques:              


Calico, silk organza, dye, shibori shaping, stuffing, sequins and beads.

Bonus Information: 

Cloudlines was entered in Calliope Calico on the Catwalk 2014, and won the Avante Garde category.

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