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Wednesday 18.12.2019

The day was pretty nice, so I went out for a walk, dressed in more warms than I wanted – for sun protection! I walked around the houses a bit, past Kelp Industries - took some beautiful photos of the hanging kelp there - then down to Netherby Rocks and along the shore and the kelp track, past the Boathouse, back into Currie harbour and home.

These neat rosettes of kelp are the smaller pieces gathered up and left to dry on the beach, instead of hanging up like the larger pieces.

I set myself a task of drawing a still-life of some of my collected bones – not much success with that at this time!

June had invited me to share a crayfish she had been given, so in the evening we devoured that. Yes, it was as fabulous as it looked – firm, white flesh – so sweet! So goooooood!!

Thank you June - what an experience!

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