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Forest Floor

Year:      2007

Event:   Fashion Fantasia

Award:  Gondwana Section Winner & First Time Entrant Award



The richness of the microcosm of the forest floor which feeds the growth of spectacular and delicate fungi.

Materials & Techniques:              


Heat distorted glitter chiffon and panné velvet, silk chiffon, tulle, organza, wire, machine-made cords, free-motion embroidery

More Information:   

Many happy hours were spent admiring fungi and lichen in the research phase of this garment. Lightly sparkled chiffon was crinkle-ironed onto vilene to create the initial texture of the corset; burnt glitter chiffon and fabric scraps secured with free motion machine embroidery and machine-made cords further embellish the surface.

Bracket fungi were created to climb up the front of the corset, and panne velvet was heat treated to form the larger bracket fungi at the sides. Small fungi were created by densely machine stitching panne velvet to distort and stiffen it, and these ‘mushroom caps’ were attached to wired stems. Oversize brass eyelets complete the back of the corset, with a thick machine-made cord used to lace it.

Silk chiffon, tulle and organza form the overskirt, with more machine made cords, and beaded fabric balls forming hanging decorations. The headpiece is constructed of various elements from the corset, as is the choker.

The rich dark colours of the various elements of the forest floor have been utilized, with glittered highlights reflecting dappled gleams of sunlight.


Bonus Information:

Forest Floor was initially created for an exhibition organised by ATASDA (Australian Textile Art and Surface Design Association) in 2007. It was held at the Palm House in the Sydney Botanic Gardens, and was themed From the Earth. ATASDA was important at the start of my career in textile arts in providing me a community of like-minded people who were happy to share skills and information, either informally, or through workshops. It also provided an opportunity to exhibit in group format, and in the magazine fibreline. Later that year Forest Floor was entered in Fashion Fantasia, Tasmania, and received the Gondwana Section Winner & First Time Entrant Award. In 2009 it was loaned out and displayed at Art to Wear, at the Perth Craft Show, and in 2015 travelled around Australia with me as part of my display as Guest Artist at the Craft & Quilt Fair, Expertise Events in Perth, Launceston, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and Adelaide.

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