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Year:      2017

Event:   World of WearableArt Weta Workshop Costume & Film Section Theme Science Fiction Section Finalist

Award: Second Place.



As the planet warms, insect populations thrive in the tropical conditions, yet fall victim to the also thriving cordyceps fungus which uses their bodies as a living host. In the increased warmth, the life cycle of the insects also rapidly escalates, and they learn to live symbiotically with the cordyceps - no longer falling victim to them, but forming a strange hybrid. The vaguely luminescent 'clubs' of the prolific fungus growth break through the iridescent shell of the insects, creating a strangely beautiful jewel-like creature.

Materials & Techniques:              


Heat distorted satin, stuffing, acrylic paint, sequins, fabric fragments, lycra.


More Information:   

Texture was created on the satin fabric scraps by using a heat gun, and the spikes were stuffed with pillows from K-mart – it was cheaper than buying stuffing seperately. The empty pillow-cases also made great packing bags for accessories for other garments. The entire work was made in plain white satin before painting with spray paints as a rough base, then acrylic and metallic paint by hand for further detail and metallic sheen. Cordycephila was retained for 12 months and exhibited at the World of WearableArt Museum.

Bonus Information: 

This was the most sculptural and performative piece I have ever made. In order to see what it could do, I got my stepson to model it and try various movements with it – this helped me see areas which needed to be modified. Usually I don’t get to see the pieces worn until the day of the photo shoot. It was modelled on the WOW stage by a dancer who did a great job of performing Spike, as he was lovingly called. I was close to winning the section that year, but my friend Fifi-Colston took the award with her well-deserving piece Organ Farmer.

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